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Idasa Tariq “Freedom Talkin'” (The July 4th Response)

During the late evening on the day of independence for our country, Idasa Tariq releases his latest thought provoking cut, “Freedom Talkin’ ”, from his upcoming album ‘The Get Right’.

Although July 4th would be a day of celebration for some, Tariq displays how some of the effects of the enslavement of Africans in America are still ongoing today and the concept of Mental Slavery.

Tariq raps: Black men ain’t leadin’ we take the back seat,// herded like cattle but they just callin’ us athletes.// Contracts and livin’ life that’s phony,// dancing for the Master for plaques and gold trophies.//”

‘The Get Right’ is scheduled to be released on 08-01-2012 and features Ensilence, Tahir Jahi, Dominique Larue and more.


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brandonw • July 7, 2012

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