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Yung Zay “Dopeman”

On the road to releasing his EP “D.A.D. in December, Yung Zay drops a new track titled “Dopeman” to keep his fans wanting more!​

Biography: Xavier Johnson “Yung Zay”, is a Hip-Hop Recording artist from the Southside of Forrest City, Arkansas. Zay is also the Owner & Founder of his Independent Label “TMG” and released his debut single “Mars” on March 15, 2015.
Xavier started rapping at the young age of 9 years old but was never really intrigued by it until 2014 he had a dream of being on stage performing in front a large crowd. Zay likes to focus his writing craft on his real life stories. He speaks on where he’s come from to where he is now. Xavier grew up without a father and was raised by his mother, so he writes to inspire young artists and others to never give up on their dreams regardless of where they come from. Zay’s family is from Dallas, Texas so he grew up on southern hip hop artists such as Pimp C.

Twitter: @TMGSquadZay

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brandonw • September 18, 2015

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