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Trev Rich - Cirles

Trev Rich “Circles” (prod by Sharke)

Circles” is a recently released song from Trev Rich featuring production from Sharke. I’ve been a fan of Trev for a while, well a semi fan but with every new release I get from him I’m more & more impressed. “Circles” is a solid song start to finish, subject matter is on point, overall lyrics are dope, hook is money & the production isn’t great but works well no slight to Sharke he did his thing. Looking forward to hearing more from Trev but for now I’ll enjoy “Circles“. He said “If I woulda said in college by now I’d have my Masters, I’d rather be my own boss see I don’t need no masters, if I’m a slave its to my art, go call my ex and ask her“…. yeah…. that was dope!

Twitter: @TrevRichHD

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brandonw • October 11, 2015

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