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Sturk “The Lord’s Prayer” Ft Blake Tyler

How you mention felacio in a song titled “The Lord’s Prayer“??? Fam whoever this is on the first verse… rap might not be for you my boy, the individual that recorded the hook? Never mind… everything about this song to me isn’t good to put it mildly, the ad libs over the opening hook? Who’s drunk uncle is humming those ad-libs? The individual that rapped this first verse sounds like they just started rapping and have trouble catching beats or writing raps that mesh well with production. I’m assuming his verse was written before he ever heard this beat. The second verse is much better, he sounds polished switches the delivery a few times went from Ludacris/Big Sean style at points to Migos. Solid verse, just scrap the hook and the first and give him the song.

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brandonw • May 14, 2016

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