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Palermo Stone “Don’t Ask Me How I Get My Money” (Prod. Chris Dreamer)

There is really no reason why I didn’t post this sooner. I’ve been listening to it for what seems like weeks now…. This Chris Dreamer produced track called “Don’t Ask Me How I Get My Money” from R.A.R.E. Nation Captain Palermo Stone is money in the bank. Has that really cocky “Don’t talk to me you peasants” vibe to it. That really confident “Talk yo shit” type of vibe. Makes me want to blast it in my car with all the windows down in the dead of winter… Except I have a Kia and that would just make me look stupid…. well outside looking in… Inside I’be be zoning as you should. Now that I think about it, this might go off if he performs it live. I can only imagine how lit Spillz would be! Anyway check out this song let us know what you think.

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brandonw • January 21, 2016

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