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Lazy BlackMan “KnewGODz”

Recently, well last week actually we interviewed 1/2 of the dynamic duo Lazy Blackman on the Picking The Brain Podcast. During that interview we asked Barz Blackman what would become of the group because recently Lazy JP announced he was done making music. You’ll have to listen to find out exactly what Barz said. BUT here we are a week later & we have a new and EXCLUSIVE track from the two friends. I don’t know if “KnewGODz” is anything more than these two clearing out the vault, or a sign of more things to come. Either way as a fan of these two I’m going to just hit play (over and over again after hitting REWIND) & enjoy the newly What Iph Mastered song.

Twitter: @Barz_Blackman @Lazyjp1

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"KnewGODz"Barz Blackmanlazy BlackmanLazy Jp

brandonw • September 15, 2015

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