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After releasing a few bangers King Z3US releases the self-titled EP. The 5 track project includes previously released jams like “Commas” & “Cosmos“. The main features of this project are the melodic overall vibe and amazing production. Z3us isn’t overwhelming you lyrically as we go through this journey it’s more so to enjoy the music sonically then to keep your finger on the rewind button. His unique voice and ability to use different tones make him and his presence on any song really stand out. Famed producer !llmind has his imprint all over the project 3 of the 5 song. The tracks that feature outside producers (BlizzedOut & EFF3X fit well with the sound & vibe of the project. I’ve been listening for a few days now (part of the reason why it dropped last week and I’m JUST now posting) & I can honestly say I’m a fan of this. It has replay value, the music gives you a solid view of what you can expect from Z3us musically.  I actually Love the first song “Descent” amazing production for sure but I also enjoy the lyrics but the build up makes me feel like he was going to go into his other song “My Wave” which is probably one of my favorites.  Check out the project let us know wha t you think.

Twitter: @thekingz3us
IG: @thekingz3us 
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/thekingz3us

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brandonw • April 4, 2016

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