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JKJ & Norman Dean "Five" (EP)

JKJ & Norman Dean “Five” (EP)

Five” is the recently released collaborative EP from two of hip hop’s rising stars JKJ & Norman Dean. With production from Cicco these two give us 5 very dope songs. The stand out tracks to me are “Born Rich” , “Simple” & “Long Live” mostly because of how dope they are but also in part due to the fact that I don’t smoke and don’t care much for “stoner songs”. Let me be clear “Exotic” & “Got Me High” aren’t bad songs, I actually liked the delivery on former I just rarely get enamored by songs with that specific subject matter. Overall I think “Five” is a solid project with a ton of replay value.  I was hoping they would take some risks, try out some different sounds maybe, but I’m more than satisfied as a fan of both individuals with the end result of 12 hours in the studio. Yes we will ignore the fact that this dropped a week ago & I’m JUST now posting it as well haha!


Twitter: @JkJ412 @RealNormanDean @ProdByCicco @CookNTheKitchen

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brandonw • December 31, 2015

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