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Barz Blackman “In Your Face (Tiny Tim)” (Prod. by RZA)

So…… here we are this lovely Sunday evening with a new diss track to critic. I’ve actually been waiting to hear something like this from Barz ever since he was trying to coax Mista Scrap into a battle a while ago. This isn’t that finally coming to a head, it is yet another song with it’s targets set on  the region’s most loathed human Tim Beckham aka Worth.   Upon first listen I felt it was rather light, think more a pair of socks than the man wearing them in terms of weight. My opinion changed completely after I let it run back a few times. I appreciate the fact that he mentioned how Worth gets murdered on his own songs with consistency, what Hubbs did to him wasn’t even fair. The filthy/Listerine line was cool, as were the direction/Garmin and the Bristol Palin jabs. I had an “eww shi*t” moment when he mentioned his brother  not believing in him and another when he referenced his girlfriend Jasmine getting more love that Worth. This guy  lives up to his name, this track is full of “bars” that much can be confirmed. My biggest issue with Barz Blackman shines through here, he has a very unique voice & on the wrong beat it comes off annoying as hell. My annoyance aside his pen can’t be denied, but this will go down as a track I’ll never listen to again (unless Beckham responds). Of the recent rash of diss tracks I have heard from local artist this is head and shoulders above the rest and I hear he has another one ready. I’m here for a back and forth, because while it isn’t impressive to go from scoring -8 to putting up a goose egg, I have heard improvements lyrically from “Tiny Tim” so maybe he shocks the world and ethers Barz?   My money is on no but we shall see. it’s dope that given the chance Barz went this route & came with heat instead of post after post on social media. I encourage more of you rappers to take this route and R-A-P. Funny thing about this is that Barz & I had a full discussion not that long ago about battle rap & diss tracks on the Picking The Brain Podcast episode 13 (listen here soundcloud.com/picking_the_brain_podcast/episodes-13-ft-barz-blackman-and-real-deal)

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brandonw • October 25, 2015

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