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Tsu Surf “Garden Grillz”

“Garden Grillz” is something I’m bringing to you LATE, I hate to be late most of the time if I don’t catch something within the first few days it drops I let it fly. I honestly have become a big fan of Surf & all he doing with regard to putting out quality music. Not sure how I let this one slip by esp since I’ve been rockin the “Trapped” jam ft Albee Al since they released it. Anyway, Tsu seems to have figured out his lane already & he consistently remains there & lights each track on fire along the way. “Garden Grillz” is well worth multiple listens start now & thank me later. Be on the look out for “Newark” the soon to be released project from Tsu Surf.

Twitter: @Tsu_Surf
Website: www.realtsusurf.com

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brandonw • October 23, 2015

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