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[Heavy on the Brain] Tre’ Banks Selections

The latest installment of “Heavy on the Brain” is brought you Brainiacs by the one & only Tre’ Banks! Check out what new music is heavy on his brain……..

Artist: Retch
Follow: @RetchyP
Music Heavy on the Brain: (Delinquents & Degenerates)
Reasoning: Young Rhymer from Jersey, who I got Hip to through a VA producer by the name of Crank. Crank has a couple beats on the tape he told me to check out, and this entire tape has been something I’ve been constantly running since I 1st listened. Raps for the rebels, struggling in society.

Artist: Ashton Travis
Follow :@AshtonTravis
Music Heavy on the Brain:  (Good Vibes and MF 2.0)
Reasoning/Rational: Met dude out of Houston, Texas my first year of college as he was working on a project entitled “Mr. Freshman”. I thought it was dope, and have kept up with his progress since. Couldn’t select a particular song or mixtape, but just check out his entire collection of tunes.

Artist: K-Presston
Listen: http://somebodyswatchingkp.tumblr.com/
Music Heavy on the Brain: (Reverie)
Reasoning/Rationale: Glenside, PA has bred a unique individual who blends an indie/alternative sound with hip-hop. With an extremely brilliant vision with how he presents his visuals and arts, K-Presston is an artist that one can’t deny is interesting. His music may not be for every individual that listens, but for those who do relate and are open to different sounds will love his blend.

Artist: A$ton Matthews
Follow: @Aston_Matthews
Music Heavy on the Brain:  (Versace Ragz)
Reasoning/Rationale: Believe dude is from Cali, but I could be wrong. Wherever A$ton Matthews is from, lyrically he a monster with it. Watch the visual for Triple H by this guy, and any 90’s era kid will become a fan. Hardball Baby G references, and wrestling references wrapped up in 3 minutes of flame.

Artist: Rahiem Supreme
Follow: @rahiemsupreme
Music Heavy on the Brain:  (Genesis)
Reasoning/Rationale: Although dude’s in the circle, I truly believe Rahiem Supreme is Washington DC’s undiscovered treasure. He will rap circles around your favorite DMV artist, yet can create smooth poetic songs that females won’t be scared of. His debut mixtape Genesis will be hard to top, but I’m sure he has more classic material up his sleeves.

Aritst: Robb Bank$
Follow: @BankSquiat
Music Heavy on the Brain:  (Calenders)
Reasoning/Rationale: Ran across this South Florida native through a twitter retweet (Who ever pays attention to those). For some reason he caught my attention following 1 person with over 9 thousand followers. So I looked deeper into the situation and found his tunes. Liked what I heard and then saw his affiliation with SGP which stamped things for me. Wild style, but something different that I can still enjoy listening to.

Artist: France
Music Heavy on the Brain:(Lost in Translation)
Reasoning/Rationale: Featured this Cali Born, and Philadelphia’s “Suburban Cool Kid” on very 1st episode of my online web show “The Conversation Piece”, before he even had a project out. Once he dropped his debut project, I knew the talent was there along with a natural song making ability. Reppin for the confused and “lost” college kids, France’s “Lost in Translation” has nice playback value.

Artist: Asaad
Follow: @_ASAAD
Music Heavy on the Brain:  (White)
Reasoning/Rationale: Philadelphia artist Asaad certainly seems like he is on the verge of rising above the underground scene soon. Remember standing at the bus stop in High School watching dude spit verses at the bus stop. Now I have his “White” mixtape in daily rotation.

Artist: rMell
Follow: @whoizrmell
Music Heavy on the Brain: NeoGeo ?

Raasoning/Rationale: Honestly, this DMV based talent is someone I ran across a little while ago. He is a character that just has my attention online, and has a real cool sound that comes with him. It’s that feeling of not rushing adulthood, and enjoying the things we have always been enjoying while we still can. I can get down with that; so in the meantime check his collection through his soundcloud.

Artist: Trinidad James/ Travis $cott / Chance The Rapper
Music Heavy on the Brain: Don’t Be S.A.F.E / Owl Pharoah (Coming Soon) / 10 Day
Reasoning/Rationale: I wanted to stay as underground as I could with this list and really show love to anyone who usually may not get the recognition they deserve. These three guys all have situations at hand that may cause some people to not consider them underground/unsigned. Either way, I know they have not broken down that wall although it is coming soon for all of them. These three guys are in heavy rotation right now, and if you into unique voices/sounds you will thank me.

Honorable Mention: Ffry Ferelli ( @Ffrydam), Chuck Devinchi ( @ChuckDevinchi) , and Jorge Cushva ( @JorgeCushva) are a collective out of Philly I listen to often. Calling themselves P$C$P they are building an entire lifestyle and culture around their name along with creative clothes that tie right into the music. As of now I’m just waiting on all of their projects, but the singles are in rotation.

—-Huge Shoutout to everyone in Pittsburgh for the continued support, and to all unsigned artist, KEEP WORKING. Thanks for taking the time to check this post out, and be sure to give each artist your ear when you get the chance.

-Tre’ Banks @TreBanks

Contact: HMPINFO3 [at] gmail [dot] com

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