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Spectre Film Review

Film Review: “Spectre” by Blade Brown


Plot:A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.

Review: I’d like to start this review by saying that Daniel Craig is without a doubt the best actor to play James Bond. He has great range as an actor that allows him to come off suave and charming one second, then ruthless & deadly the next. He’s also in great physical shape, which leads you to believe that he’s more than capable of doing a lot of the action that the character partakes in. With that, along with the fact that two of his four Bond movies (Skyfall, Casino Royal) are widely considered to be two of the franchise’s best films, Craig is in my opinion, THE best James Bond ever. Now, back to the review.

Picking up almost immediately where Skyfall ended, we find Bond carrying out a unauthorized mission in Mexico City. The repercussions of the events leads to Bonds being suspended, and he continues his mission without the official backing of MI5. His mission eventually leads him to Rome where he attends a meeting lead by a Frans Oberhauser. A mysterious man with whom Bond shares a past with. It is later revealed that the organization Frans leads, Spectre, is also responsible for the carnage that Mr. Silva (Skyfall) the Quantum organization (Casino Royal & Quantum Of Solace) has caused. Which really brings all of Craig’s films full circle, as they’ve all lead to this very moment.

As far as casting, the returning players are all on point. Ben Whishaw’s Q is always fun when on screen. The way he and Craig go back and forth is always humorous. Naomie Harris has also done a good job at making Moneypenny more than just another conquest of Bond’s. While they still flirt heavily throughout the movie, you still get a sense that she’s a smart and hard working agent. Something none of the former portrayals of her have been able to do. Ralph Fiennes seems to have reluctantly adopted the responsibilities of M, which mostly seems to revolve around keeping 007 in line and fighting for the 00 program’s survival. Which ironically Bond isn’t helping with his antics.

One of the film’s two major flaws is its lack of danger for Bond. Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz is good when on screen. But he has doesn’t get a lot of it, which is really a shame considering the talent he brings to the table. Also, he himself doesn’t seem to pose a threat to Bond. Although he’s revealed to be the puppeteer for the recent events in Bond’s life, you always feel if Bond gets his hands on him he’ll easily take him out. That was a challenge that Mr. Silva presented in the last movie. Being a former agent of MI5, he was more than capable of handling himself against Bond. On the other hand, the baddie that Bond does tangle with, Mr. Hinx (the hulking Dave Batista) only says one word throughout the movie, but has a brutal showdown with Bond on a train. One of the movie’s best sequences for sure. The other issue the movie has is its lack of action. Following in the footsteps of Skyfall by having a handful of big action sequences instead of several throughout the movie may bore some viewers. Especially with a 150 minute runtime. While the pace of the movie flows pretty good, you still wish there was a bit more action. Largely because the finale is rather tame.

While the movie isn’t perfect, it is definitely a solid entry in the Bond franchise. Craig continues his campaign for the best Bond ever with another stellar performance. And if this is indeed his last time wearing the tux, he’s tied up a lot of loose ends and has left the door open for many opportunities. For all intents and purposes Spectre delivers the goods.

Rating- 8/10

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brandonw • November 11, 2015

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