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Film Review: “Keanu” by Blade Brown

Plot: Friends hatch a plot to retrieve a stolen kitten by posing as drug dealers for a street gang.

I remember seeing a poster for Keanu a few months ago and feeling slightly intrigued by it. It was a picture of a cat wearing a bulletproof vest, gold chains and a backwards hat. I thought it could be a movie so bad that it’s enjoyable. Sort of like Sharkenado. Then I noticed the names “Key & Peele“. At that moment, I knew this was going to be something special.

After a brief but violent introduction, the movie starts off the same way the trailer did. Rell (Peele) is left broken after a split with his girlfriend. His cousin Clarence couldn’t be happier about the breakup, but feels bad that his cousin is down in the dumps. While in his isolation, Rell opens his door after hearing scratching on it, only to find the title character who has traveled across town and wound up at his doorstep. Rell immediately takes a liking to the kitten, and has seemingly found a reason to move on. After bonding immensely with the feline, he comes home after seeing a Liam Neeson movie (If you’ve seen Kee & Peele, you know how much they love the ageing action star) to find his home broken into & his pet gone. After talking to his weed dealing neighborhood, whom they deduced is the house that was intended to be broken into, they find out that Cheddar (Method Man) the leader of the 17th street blips (blood & crips united) is the man they need to find. Once they make contact with the blips, the laughs start to pile up.

The two pose as hit-men in order to gain Cheddar and the blips trust. But their lie only digs them deeper into a world they clearly know nothing about. But watching them portray their version of gangsters (they name themselves Shark Tank & Tectonic) is hilarious. The usage of the “N word” is almost on the level of Django. But its intentionally used for laughs here as the characters do not care for the word, but adapt to saying it asap when the pressure is on.

Kee & Peele are as always great together. The timing of their jokes are perfect and the chemistry is undeniable. But the real star is the cat. This is genuinely the cutest cat you’ve ever seen. It’s no wonder that every character in the movie that comes across him loves him. Plus, there is a great cameo during a dream sequence that will make you smile if you catch it.

This is a good first step for the comedic duo. Keanu is s fun movie that blends comedy and action together surprisingly well. The middle does drag a little, but not enough to really complain about. While their show may be over, the future looks very bright for both of them.

RATING: 8/10

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brandonw • May 6, 2016

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