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Creed film review by blade brown

Film Review: “Creed” by Blade Brown

The former World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa serves as a trainer and mentor to Adonis Johnson, the son of his late friend and former rival Apollo Creed.

It’s very rare to find a spinoff film that’s good. It works with TV shows, with The Simpsons, Family Matters & Mama’s Family being prime examples. But movies like Elektra, Catwoman & Son of The Mask prove that in movies, some things should be left alone. But when Ryan Coogler, the director of the phenomenal Fruitvale Station took on the role of writer/director in a Rocky spinoff following the son of Apollo Creed, I knew we weren’t just gonna get a so-so feel that’s just a cash grab. Boy was I right!

The film opens with a young Aldonis, or Donnie as he’s called throughout the movie, fighting in juvenile hall. Mary Ann Creed, the late wife of former champ Apollo visits Donnie and informs him that his father had a affair on her with his mother. Since his mother passed away and he hates the foster system, she offers to take him in and raise him. Fast forward seventeen years, and Donnie is steadily working with a recent promotion. But the desire to fight is still in him, as he travels to New Mexico to do underground fights. Eventually, he tells Mary Ann of his plans to pursue boxing professionally, to which she wants no part of. So he heads out to Philadelphia in search of a trainer. A man he feels is perfect for him: Rocky Balboa.

Upon meeting Donnie, Rocky is reluctant to train him, but eventually gives in. While training, they get a offer to fight a local rising prospect, which helps him gain some fame. But after its made public of who’s son he is, he becomes an overnight success. With the publicity his story is getting, the trainer of the current disgraced champ, who’ll soon be headed to prison for a gun charge, reaches out with a offer for a title match.

Michael B. Jordan has been steadily earning his respect as an actor. He carries the movie like an A list actor and the chemistry between him and Stallone is perfect. The generation gap in terms of speaking and technology adds a lot of humor to the movie. The boxing itself is a lot more realistic compared to the original films. Particularly a scene in the final fight in which his eyes are closing, and his trainers tap his head in order to help him get the amount of fingers being held up right. Also, the movie is very Philly. The bike life scene is heavily shown and instead of the eye of the tiger, Meek Mill is playing during Donnie’s big training montage. Its definitely the best look Meek Mill has had all year.

I loved this movie. Is not only the best sequel of the Rocky franchise, its neck and neck with the original film itself. I am very interested to see where they go with this character. Jordan is still in his 20s and Stallone is still kicking. Sky’s the limit

Rating: 10/10
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brandonw • December 8, 2015

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