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[Fashion] Blasfome Hoodie 2012 Collection

Black hoodie season is upon us.
Join Blasfome in the black hoodie movement, and be guarded against winter woes with three new hoodies.

The Keystone Hate design, Blasfome Wreath and Logo have been immortalized in fleece this season with a special twist on each classic design.
We’ve taken a secondary approach to the design method with the introduction of Blasfome Reflective Paint into our prints.

We have an abundant amount of skateboarders, BMX riders, bikers, snowboarders, and drunk night-time wanderers in the Blasfamily.
This season we are going extra measures to keep the family safe. Each hoodie design has reflective night-time safe print, guaranteed to keep you out of harm from unfit drivers.

This collection speaks volumes. You’re going to be seen, and its clear whom you’re reppin’.

Pickup your favorites from the Blasfome Hoodie 2012 collection TODAY at our flagship store in Pittsburgh (1923 East Carson Street) or online at www.blasfome.com

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brandonw • October 13, 2012

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