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[Event]1 Scene Bass Cellar 412 Launch

As of 11/23 Bass Cellar SF is joining forces with BC1 productions to launch Bass Cellar 412. This is the start to the building of

1 scene

After Get Rowdy and the amazing response we got from the city we knew we had to make our next event something magical

We spent the last 3 months looking for the perfect location to host this new event and after months of searching we finally decided on the 2000+ capacity deluxe club**Exit** at 1630 Smallman St. in Pittsburgh’s Strip District.

Offering state of the art automated lighting & lasers,The best in audio, and our own brand of visual pleasantries we now feel comfortable in calling this place home for the night.

We invite you all to break free of your societal ties on Black Friday ignore the malls forget the sales and give up your mind, body, and heart to the music.

Your eargasm’s for the evening will be provided by”



For full event details visit https://www.facebook.com/events/332651870117969/

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brandonw • October 7, 2012

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