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“The Number Fest”

Prime Social Group brings some of the best EDM and hip-hop artists out to Athens Ohio to perform on two different stages.

The lineup includes Diplo, Schoolboy Q, ILOVEMAKONNEN,Borgeous, DJ Sliink, Lost Kings, Branchez, Curtis Williams, G-Eazy, Tezo, DJ E-Trayn, 4B, Lamb$, DJ EV, ChrisMarsB, Gio, Ezzy, DJ Clockwork and DJ Corrupt.

#FEST (www.thenumberfest.com)
#FEST is The Premier College Music Festival Experience. Established in 2004 by Dominic Petrozzi, #FEST has grown to become the biggest Collegiate Music Festival in the United States. For the last decade, #FEST has helped launch some of today’s brightest music stars to new heights. Based in Athens, OH, the ambiance and culture surrounding #FEST and the community in which the Festival was founded, creates a once in a lifetime experience for all in attendance. #FEST is like no other college party in the country. Our mission is based around providing the best music and entertainment for lowest price possible. With our unique BYOB format, this is as Woodstock as it gets, or so says the 15,000 plus.

in attendance every year.
Website: thenumberfest.com
Facebook: www.fb.com/thenumberfest
Twitter: @thenumberfest
Instagram: @thenumberfest

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brandonw • February 8, 2015

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