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[ Event ] Svaha Paradox Salon presents “She Diva Died. & Come Again?”

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Svaha Paradox Salon presents “She Diva Died.  & Come Again?”
8 PM on September 12 & 13 at 8:00 at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater
More Information: thesvahaparadox@gmail.com
After 10 years of relative quiet and minimal artistic activity, Christina Springer returns to the Pittsburgh arts scene as both a presenter and performer. This multi-media performance incorporates text, sound, image and movement to portray the battle between the artist and the mother. The show particularly examines identity as it relates to raising a Black man.
When pressed about her “minimal artistic activity, she laughs, “That must sound funny coming from someone who has been performing in New York, London, Greece and India, as well as, having served as the first and only American artist-in-residence for The Tower Of London in England.  But, it has been over 10 years since I have given a complete performance in a theater in Pittsburgh.”

In 2002, Springer stepped off the Pittsburgh arts community stage to raise her son.  She and Christiane Leach had founded and run a non-profit arts organization, Sun Crumbs, which produced over 50 programs annually. Sun Crumbs focused on supporting emerging artists whose work reflected their artistic vision.  As a grossly under-funded organization which produced work by artists from marginalized communities, Leach and Springer agreed that their time was best spent honoring the personal artwork and projects they were sent to this planet to do.

Eleven years later, Springer is ready to share innovative, dynamic work by marginalized and under-exposed artists with Pittsburgh again. “I began to feel as if I – or rather my artist self – started fading away. As much as I love motherhood and as much as I think that raising a Black man is an inviolate sacred trust laden with joyful responsibility,” Springer sighs, “I miss the energetic, creative rush Sun Crumbs gave me. ”  The Svaha Paradox Salon will pick up where some of Sun Crumbs left off.

She Diva Died. & Come Again?” is a celebration and a rebirth. It examines motherhood, art and identity. “As a performance art piece,” Springer laughs, “I call it a be/he/me (myth), retro/speculative, multi-medi(v)a motherhood art. You have to say it out loud to really get it…they way poetry used to be taught in the Negro schools.”

Artist Statement & Biography below.

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Christina Springer Artist Statement

For over 25 years, my artwork has slowly revealed my many layered identity.  Thematically or by blending genres, a consistent theme has emerged.

How and why do we perform ourselves on a daily basis?  In any situation a person can be a: worker, color, parent, gender, artist, class, friend, educational level, lover.  At all times, the layers of our identity overlap.

In any human encounter, our identity intersects and/or bounces off the other people’s. In any given context, whether consciously or unconsciously, everyone makes assumptions, acts on opinions or performs behavior scripted by their personal narrative.



Christina Springer has used text, dance, theatre, film and other visual expressions for over 25 years.  I am currently working on two additional interactive performative encounters, “Rebrand The Past:Experiments In Perception” and “The Energy Of Always: Standing Together.”  As a featured artist for Miko Kuro’s Midnight Tea, I performed in Greece, India and Pittsburgh, PA.  As an Artist In Residence for Historic Royal Palaces, I delivered four mixed-media projects with youth at the Tower Of London and Hampton Court Palace.  I have taught creative writing at CityLit College and The University Of East London.  Cave Canem helped shape the multiple voices I advance with text.  Poems have appeared in: “Gathering Ground: A Cave Canem Reader,” “Saints Of Hysteria,” “The Complete Idiots Guide To Slam Poetry CD,” Red Headed Stepchild, The Mom Egg, The Comstock Review, Torch Literary Journal, The Drunken Boat, Femspec, Janus Head, and Callaloo.  Recently produced dance-theatre scripts include: “Living Ancestry” and “Kikombe Cha Kisiri Mato: A Kwanzaa Myth” produced by Umoja African Arts Company and “The Splooge Factory” produced by Composer’s Collaborative. My 1999 CD, “In The Image Of Angels” has sold over 800 copies and is available for free download at www.soundcloud.com/christinaspringer  Springer was also the writer, producer and director of a 16mm film, Creation Of Destiny.  Springer has a BA from Antioch College with a triple major in Theater-Dance /Literature and a minor in Visual Arts.

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