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Steel City Saturdays Brainofbmw

[ Event ] Steel City Sundays

Steel City Saturdays Brainofbmw

DJ Goodnight helping provide a new home for Pittsburgh Hip Hop since the closing of the Shadow Lounge.

Winghart’s in Oakland 226 Meyran Ave is the new home of Pittsburgh Hip Hop. We want to invite the entire Hip Hop Community to join us and make this your new home too.  It’s been long awaited and much needed since the closing of the Shadow Lounge. Steel City Sunday’s with West Penn Records, 1Live DJ’s, will be booking local artist to feature every Sunday.

Steel City Sunday Single Search, is a search among artist to have their single pushed. Most artist are dropping complete CD’s or Mixtapes but what do you do after that?  Well that’s what we are offering when you release a body of music you have to select a single and that single is pushed by your record label.  What we will do is select a couple of people every week who we think might have a single worth pushing.  Then at the end of the year we will bring back those few people we select every week to compete to see who has the hottest single.  This is not only limited to Hip Hop, we are just looking for a hot single to push.  What we mean by pushing the single is to make sure that it is sent out to all the DJ’s, Bloggers and Radio Stations. We will provide graphic design for the single to be pushed. We will set up interviews on several of the local TV Shows and Radio Shows.  We are going to create a Website for the Artist to assist in promoting the single.  The winner will also receive magazine coverage, Photo shoot, clothing endorsement, and help booking events so they can perform that single in front of as many people as possible. Most artist keep changing the songs they perform, they always want to keep performing new music.  They don’t realize by the time a single hits on the Radio or TV that artist has been pushing that same song for almost a year or more.  Steel City Sunday Single Search is something we are doing out of necessity, not for making money.  How much do you think it would cost to push a single?  To get all those services if you were paying for them out of pocket would cost more than most artist have in a budget.  We are offering an opportunity to get these services for $10 per song, with a 2 song maximum, with the opportunity to perform that song, for Industry insiders and a special guest judge (Performer booked weekly).

In keeping with the needs of Pittsburgh Hip Hop we also have something for the producers.  Steel City Sundays Sound Showcase, which is an outlet for producers to come showcase their music.  Steel City Sunday’s Sound Showcase is for producers to come and sell beats. We have too many talented producers in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area for all these emcees to be recording on Sound Click Beats or industry beats that gives an artist no chance of their song being pushed because they don’t have rights to the beat.  Again we are not trying to get rich off of artist and producers.  We want the producer who sells a beat at the Steel City Sundays Sound Showcase to show love by giving back a percentage of the sale 10% of the sales to the Steel City Sunday Sound Showcase.  In addition we will highlight producers in the mix from the entire 1LiveDJ Crew. We will also feature the Producers music in several different outlets including DJ’s, Radio Shows and Television shows.  Producers fail to realize is that getting your music to an emcee is only one of several outlets for your music and we would like to help the producers facilitate getting there music out to as many listeners as possible.

Steel City Sundays is by the people for the people. We want you to help us make Winghart’s Oakland your new home for Hip Hop.  Now we are only approaching week # 3 but we are sure that we can do it. We know that there has been a lack of Hip Hop friendly venues in the City.  So if you have an idea let us know we are open to anything within reason as long as it makes money.   One of the things that we are pushing heavy at Winghart’s is that artist can see their music video on the big screen with the projector.  As artist you come up with the treatment for your video pay the director to shoot and edit the video and the only place you can see it is on your computer or from your phone.  Artist need to put more into getting your music video in circulation and we have a perfect outlet.  The DJ Goodnight Top 10 Video Countdown as seen on Facebook will be doing a live broadcast the last Sunday of the month.  We will play the videos that I post in the order you the viewer select.   The countdown will based on the amount of views each video gets on the Facebook page leading up to the live broadcast.  Make sure you repost the page once the videos are posted to ensure you get the most views for the countdown.

                Finally we are searching for Winghart’s Angels which is a team of young ladies to help promote Winghart’s Oakland.  We think that the beautiful ladies will entice the gentleman to come out to Wingharts Oakland.  We will have prizes for the sexiest lady in the house who has the most, sexy friends with them.  This week the prize is 2 tickets to the Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert.  We want to make sure that everyone knows that Wingharts Oakland is the new home of Pittsburgh Hip Hop.



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