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Event Recap: “The Quarterly Joint” by BMW

Good news Pittsburgh!! Pirate City Productions is back!! It felt good to be in the building for “The Quarterly Joint” so many cool people & familiar faces a room full of local talent for sure. I love when new venues are open to local hip hop events. This time Hollywood Lanes opened its doors to some of the more respected & talented artists the 412/724 has to offer with a lineup consisting of Cory Eaux, Hubbs, Joel Kellem, Narue Pearson, Palermo Stone, The H & T,Common Wealth Fam(RI, Mose B & Roscoe Wiki) as well as JKJ, DJ Spillz, & Norman Dean.

The event started off a bit rocky with some sound issues but after the first set that Common Wealth blessed us with all was well. The H&T, who I haven’t seen rock in a few years came with great energy & a solid message. They were followed by Narue Pearson who I’d never seen perform before. I like that he brought along a female dancer that was a dope addition. I really need to hear him live without the track to appreciate the vocals. I was hoping he would give us a few moments Acapella, but it didn’t happen. There were some moments where he showed his vocal skill but maybe in more of an R&B setting with a more subdued vibe will would be able to enjoy  and better appreciate his live performance.

I caught 2 Joel Kellem performances in a row & I was wrong about him… Either he changed the set or I was wrong the other day because I thought he was rapping over his lyrics … Tonight he isn’t … Same cool demeanor confident and relaxed… Songs sounded doper here than at KOTB. I can appreciate the lyrics because I can hear them much better.. Tonight I can HEAR and understand why the judges thought Joel was a close second to Chris Allen the the other night….

Hubbs rocked a solid set featuring some of my favorite tracks from his “Piece of Mind” project. News Flash “Modern Vintage 3” is coming. Hubbs was followed by Cory Eaux.  The JSP front-man gave a memorable performance filled with so much energy I’m 100% my dude dropped 5 pounds by the time his set was over. Before CWF closed out the show Palermo Stone & “Hype Man Of the Year” DJ Spillz took the stage & lit Hollywood Lanes on fire. One of the highlights of the night is when Palermo, Norman Dean & JKJ performed “No Games“.

I think it was dope that it was a CWF X Pirate City X Faded Industry event that was branded and planned well but wasn’t one of those “it’s all about us” events.. I’ve been to shows where the promoter was the host and a performer and it usually turns me off… RI & Mose B handled this VERY well, sprinkled in a few of their popular songs while letting the other talent showcase their skill full throttle & keeping the show moving. There weren’t any lags that I can recall, the lineup had the right mix of performers, a decent crowd, a great setting & it ended in a reasonable time. I left with a free CD, I was able to see some of the best the city has to offer, rock in a new venue Saturday was a damn good night. DJ Spillz kept us moving all night & Miss Dig kept the drinks flowing as well. Small stuff like Dig being the bartender made the night so much better. Added bonus was catching Common Wealth Fam perform “Afro Dolomite” live for the first time (love that song).

Overall great night, great event & I’m looking forward to the next one. Check the video for a visual recap of the night. Almost forgot! Big thanks to RI, & Hatermagnet I left the building with a dope HaterMag tee !

Listen to “The Quarterly Mixtape” hosted by DJ Spillz.


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brandonw • May 31, 2015

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