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[Event Recap] Human Hustle Entertainment & Joanna IIC present: Saturday Night @ Frankies

I learned some valuable lessons on Saturday. The first one is to get to Frankie’s EARLY! It was tough to find & even tougher finding a place to park. As soon as I walked in I saw Jay Nizzy from The Camp & I demanded that his group’s performance make my stress worth it. They did, as I fully expected looking at the lineup a few days ago I got a text from my partner Sara saying “Are you going to Frankie’s Saturday? Lineup looks dope!” Another lesson I learned is that less is more. I can appreciate a show with several acts on the bill but when you give artists with skill a chance to rock & you stack that lineup full of great performers you don’t need 8-10 acts when 4-5 can do the trick.

The night began with T.O.A.K., I enjoy local shows because I get to see new artists pretty much every time out. First impression? T.O.A.K brought the ladies! As soon as T.O.A.K hit the stage a flock of women rushed to the front & they immediately “Turnt Up”. Next to hit the stage  was veteran group Folkland still riding the wave of their recently released album “BadLands”. To Los & Lemar French I feel compelled to say thank you for performing “On The Regular” because I’m sure I lost about 10 pounds goin in while they rocked out! If you haven’t already go purchase “BadLands” its worth the money I promise!

Next up was The Camp, one thing I’ve learned from these gentlemen is that whenever they rock they bring out some fans leave with even more fans & put on an amazing show. In the midst of performing “Break Sh*t” a mic & one of the speakers went out a perfect irony but nothing that the soundman couldn’t handle. The high point of the night was when the DJ for the evening JPad the Juggernaut stepped away from the wheels & Camper producer extraordinaire Mysterious donned his now signature white phantom mask (for you youngins its similar to that of a JabbaWockee) and took over as the mix master of the night. To really get a grasp of what took place you have to check out Mysterious’ YouTube channel and watch a few of “The Producer Chronicle” vids. He starts out with a concept or something simple and as time progresses over the course of the videos he creates an amazing instrumental. On stage was no different this time a shorter more entertaining version that climaxed into a new track from The Camp. The issue I have with these guys is that after every single one of their performances the room clears out. Needless to say The Camp is a tough act to follow.

Nothing but respect for Ivory he made a very smart move by putting the respected B. White (of the 58s) on right after The Camp. B. White went on to rock with his  on brand of cool yet energetic style. With Mayo there to provide his own energy & even show the crowd B isn’t the only one who can go in lyrically. I enjoyed the night overall as Joey Fattz & then Ego closed out the performances. So with some lessons learned some funny video footage (that will be released later this week). The bartenders were nice & consistent, the fans kept them busy all night but every time I wanted one I had another Dos Equis in my hand in no time. Thanks to Human Hustle Ent & Joanna LLC for another dope event. Special thanks to Ivory who brought the energy as host! Congrats to the raffle winners who went home with some earrings from Kashi Jewlers thanks to the staff at Frankie’s & the Dj Jpad the Juggernaut for working together to put on a very fun evening.

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brandonw • November 12, 2012

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