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[Event Recap] Genre Fest 2012

Genre Fest hosted by Designer D. This event live from Belmont II’s in Butler PA was an amazing event. The show was hosted by DJ Afterthought & Designer D (Young Pilots). The night kicked off with awesome performances by TeeO & then Yung Bru. Young Infamous hit the stage after the short DJ break with the energy to get the crowd pumped up and involved.  Infamous rocked out to songs “Guess Who’s Back”, “Keep It 100”, “Who Y’all”, & “The Good Die Young.

After was the rap group RFNFE,( which stands for Royal Family Non Fiction Ent), opening their set with “My Life”. Showing the crowd they make that music you can’t help but bob your head to. Performing their other songs “She Wanna Roll”, & “Street Rock”. 

Next was Ville Muzik brought more people to the stage ready to go insane with their opening song “Bananas”. Anyone with money on their mind rocked with their next song  “Chasin Paper”. Ending their set with “LA-LA (I’m zoned out)”.

Strae bullet hit the stage next starting his set with the “Pandemonium” Freestyle. Keeping the crowd live and the heads noddin’ with his hit song “From CA To PA”. Ending his set with songs “I’m a Boss”,  “Triple Beam”, and “Corner to the Border”.

Superstar Bona next coming from  Baltimore. Shut his performance down with songs “Birthday Song (cover)”, “In the Building”, “Body Bag”, “Celebration”, Got Her Singing”, Favorite Girl”, and “Questions”. His songs were very live and kept the ladies dancing.

Kalani, Young Pilots, and DJ Afterthought were next up. Kalani is the newest member of YP simply put…. killed It. Next were strong & impressive performances by the Young Pilots & DJ Afterthought who ened the set with the song “Hip Hop Music”.

Next was KMF boys,who were fully of energy & really rocked the crowd. Vinnie blaq followed the KMF Boys amazing performance with his song “K.O.” then a tribute to the ladies called “My Baby” .Vinne ended  his set with a reggae song “Jungle Juice”. Next was Capitol L with a great performance as usual with songs off his new album Guilty By Gender. Songs he performed were “Elaborate” , “Laughin at Em”, s special song for the ladies “Cut Song”, then “Know Its Me” & “Be Like Me”.

Bringing the show to a close was  Yungn Vorheez with a good performance showing that his lyrical skills. Vorheez showed tons of energy spittin fast shakin his dreads hypin’ up the crowd. Performing songs “Ni**as n flies (intro)”, “I’m here”,” Dread Noccin”, “RNS”, “Vagabond Hooligan” , Cinema remix”, and “Cutie With a Booty” Overall Genre Fest 2012 was an awesome show I had fun and I’m looking forward to seeing/hearing more from some of these artists.

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brandonw • October 23, 2012

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