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Prom Brainofbmw Event

Event: Prom, A Glactic Do-Over

Prom Brainofbmw Event

An all city Formal Affair

Produced by:

BC1, Grey Area Productions, 1337 Pittsburgh, DJAfterthought, Touchfaster, 1-UP Productions, Audiomaze Agency, Hullabaloo Productions, Elevenfiftysix1156, Hardstyle Family 412, L.A.B. Therapy , Life is Limited, A Case of Random, 2Step Tuesdays

The themes been set and our team of set designers are hard at work building and creating something special for you!


TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE: www.showclix.com/event/PGHPROM2015

We’ve talked about it for the last few years and the time has finally come to go full out classy.

Prom will be taking place all over the Universe with stages set to take you on a journey from planet to planet.

Mars, Pluto, Saturn, and the Milky Way are just some of the stops you’ll be making during this once in a life time event.

A Strict Dress code will be enforced the night of the party

****You must come dressed in formal wear unless you’re an astronaut or an Alien****

Stage One (Mars) Phase 1

O.G.W.S – Remember the 90’s? So do these guys and they are going to give you their rendition of all of your favorite tunes!

This group has mastered all the best in rock, pop, rnb, hip hop and more from the 90’s! They are currently working a special 90’s prom set just for you!

The 58’s – If you’re at all familiar with Pittsburgh Hip Hop then you’ve certainly heard of The 58’s.

Modern day story tellers keeping the sounds of the underground alive with their lyrics.

Deltanine – this jamtronica act is a name to be watching having recently opened for acts such as Broccoli Samurai and doppapod 2015 surely will be opening many more
doors for these guys.

Big Gypsy – Lead singer, Gypsy Jess lends her soulful vocals to a band of qualified funk, soul, and blues musicians.Based out of Pittsburgh, Big Gypsy brings with them a sound that will cast a spell on you.

Billy Pilgrim– Artist, MC, DJ, Visionary, and Revolutionist.

These are just a few words to describe this local hip hop artist.

Lucid Music – 2 mc’s and 1 Dj. That’s the simplified version in reality you have over 20 years of musical experience in 1 group providing you the best hip hop experience you could ask for.

Yungn Voorheez– The party meets the encyclopedia when Yungn takes the stage. Knowledge is power and he’s one strong mutha **

Shad Ali – vocabulary juggernaut is the simplest description I can give you.


Stage 2 (Saturn) phase 2

Monsterz Under The Bed (Baltimore/DC)

Monsterz Under the Bed are a US based masked DJ duo, who in a short amount of time emerged as one of the top local DJ duos in the Baltimore/DC metro area. The DJ team have been across the country playing the biggest parties and festivals to date while gaining recognition and building their fan base up and down the East and West Coast for the past 4 years.

They have gained a strong reputation for their blend of electro, grimey progressive house & dubstep sound. Keeping the crowds moving with unexpected twists and turns through their entire DJ set and having the ability to read the crowd and give them what they want, the DJ duo always leave the party patrons wanting more.

Sean 2:16 (Cleveland)

This guy should be named Sean 41216 because he’s been dominating the party scene in Ohio and Pittsburgh. Having opened shows for damn near every big name you can think of Sean is a must have on any line up

Akuma (Cleveland)

Born from robots and raised in the Matrix Akuma broke free and set his mind on taking down the Machine!

His first EP titled Coalesce featured collabs with Natask, Miss Haze, and Beattoven to name a few. The Ep is full of heavy Bass Bangers and shows off his musical skills in every which way.

Since its release he’s been signed to plasmapool and released a 2nd EP titled Paradise Lost. This multi genre release shows not only his bass stylings but even touches on soulful note with the tune Bessie ft. DJ Virus and Jules


Producer,dj,and event planner.

One of the best kept secrets in the Pittsburgh’s producer community. Doverspike has not only been working on his own production but has taken his time to help newcomers like the headphone activist tips and technics to help sharpen their production skills

Robbie Rockso

1/3rd of pittsburgh’s promo team known as 1337 Robbie has worked with everyone either as a dj or as a promoter. He’s had opening sets for acts like adventure club and even gets invited to play the big dub festival every summer.

One week before this event he will be hosting the first ever music festival at Kennywood Amusement Park.

Worlds Collide

Rizzo & Lush combined to form the duo worlds collide an invasion of sounds that will make you feel like the world is about to explode. These 2 have been responsible for some of the best themed events to happen in pittsburgh over the last couple of years so we knew they had to make a appearance at prom.

Stage 3 (Pluto) phase 3


Founder of 412live.com and internationallyknown house producer and remix artist Strobe will be taking the stage for a very special Prom performance. Trust me when I say by the end of this set you’ll be calling him Professor Strobe because he’s about to teach you the meaning of 4 on the floor

Hana B2B Syneater B2B Eryn Evans
(A 2step 3way)

These are the dj’s your parents warned you about.
If you’re not familiar with 2step Tuesday hosted by Miaa Glow and Featuring these three amazing residents than you must be sleeping under a rock. They have just recently passed their one year mark of weekly shows and show no sign of slowing down.

(Happy Birthday Dave!!)

The Reverend Phunkphonic has been with us since the beginning. Holding it down as one of the most versatile multi genre dj’s in the city you can catch him not only in the clubs and party scene but weekly at places like the Tiki Lounge in the south side.

(yes he is really a reverend )


Born to blend. House, Breaks, Garage, Down Tempo, and all things sexy. Nature has held it down for years with residencies both in Pittsburgh and Eerie. He currently holds it down as one of the top chefs in the city taking a night off from his very busy career to bless us with a special set.

Dj Akasha

This young lady blew me away with her first ever live performance in November and I knew we just had to have her out again as soon as possible. Trance Dj Akasha came up under tutelage of all of pittsburgh’s best dj’s and after years of learning has been on fire every time she hits the stage. You aren’t going to want to miss this set!

Stage 4 (EARTH) phase 4


Consisting of West Coast Phenom Divine Elements and SW Records manager and former member of Dirty Nitrous, Merge & Conduktor have been rapidly developing a new mainstay through the drum and bass airwaves. Combining forces recently in the heart of PA, these two have been smashing the live podcasts and dominating central PA dance floors every chance they get. With over 25 years of combined experience these two madmen of drum and bass are a true force to be reckoned with. Now these two have their sights set on the Western realm of PA-Pittsburgh, for yet another round of supreme mixing and crowd influenced track selections. This dynamic duo are sure to manifest every ounce of movement your filthy body possesses and make you pour sweat as you lose yourself into the sound of drum and bass


Once a year the reggae bus crew join forces for a night of dubbed out dance rhythm magic! Founded in 90’s by Dan Dabber and Tommy Hemp the RBC was a Pittsburgh staple in reggae, dancehall, and dub. If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing on of their live performances you are not going to want to miss this set.



Founder of Savory Audio Pittsbugrh first Dubstep Label and known among local artist as the first person to bring Dubstep to Pittsburgh we had to have Local Legend ABZ on this Line up. If you’re not familiar its people like ABZ that laid the foundation for all of us.


Junglist…… Thats all you really need to know. Playing vinyl since before cdj’s were an option Shecky has traveled all across the states performing as a dj. Most notably he was the opening Dj for 2 Blues Traveler tours spanning across the U.S. he’s also one of the baddes junglist in the city of Pittsburgh

Wired Mike

Eat, Sleep, DNB, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, DNB, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, DNB, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, DNB, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, DNB, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, DNB, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, DNB, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, DNB, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, DNB, Repeat. Eat, Sleep, DNB, Repeat.

Part of 1337 Pittsburgh Mike has been behind the scenes of nearly every great DNB booking in the last 3 years. His skill, love, and knowledge of modern DNB made him an act that had to be on this line up.



Winner of the 1337 assault DJ Competition Dan Fox blends jungle, Dnb, hip hop, reggae, funk, vanilla, cinnamon, and a little ganja to make the dance floor sweat!

Yes we will be crowning a king and queen.

Yes there will be a theme.

Just all the yes


Multiple stages

Indoor and outdoor areas.

—Event Photographer—

Style Sponsors:

Mariah HairCreations Marino

Ladies, Mariah is offered to a discount to all Prom Guests

Message her to schedule your appointment only 6 spots available the day of the event

Graham’s Barbershop

Fella’s we hooked you up too. Get your wig split at Grahams and tell him BC1 sent you!

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