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Magic Organs Event Brainofbmw

[ Event ] “Bach Boom Box”

Magic Organs Event Brainofbmw

On December 6th Kelly-Strayhorn Theater & Groove Aesthetic present Bach Boom BoxThis performance digs into the unique cultural experiences of Classical Music and HipHop. Vocalist Anqwenique WIngfield leads the crew as the vocal chameleon who sings everything from Opera to Rhymes. The eclectic mix of artists include: MC Shad Ali, jazz band Trio +,choreographer Anthony Williams,  DJ duo TracksploitationMC duo Creative Chemistry // Yah Lioness, La Bella Donna, visuals by Magic Organs // Julie Mallis, D.S. Kinsel. Its a mash up of disciplines between Bach & Biggie, ballerinas & B-boys.


Please join us for a dance party after the performances with music provided by Trio + & Tracksploitation.


Dec 6, 2013 | 8PM | THE ALLOY STUDIOS | admission $10. | http://buff.ly/18Y9X2T 

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brandonw • November 26, 2013

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