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Sola “About A Boy”

About A Boy” is the new Ep from R&B artist Sola…. Been listening to this on & off all morning, one thing I gave up on was trying to label her or her music. It is dark as it is tagged on soundcloud…. even says that in the email. But its not emo or gothic, its dark but good. I don’t fee like I want to kill myself or anything I just want to vibe, actually danced to a few tracks. The production is so amazing throughout I would have to consider that the best part. The beats are crisp BUT the use of samples the various blends of sounds and effects make this project have serious replay value. Not to say that the songwriting or overall subject matter is bad either, there are points where she shows some emotion through lyrics like on “Old Thing“. My biggest problem is that I can download every song EXCEPT the last track “Muerto“…. I”m quite pissed lol… Overall this is a solid project start to finish. One thing I really love about music is when it doesn’t focus on certain things about the artist. I hear so many songs where the artist clearly shows you their race, religion, sexual orientation. In these 7 songs you don’t get any impressions of those things from Sola. That doesn’t mean she isn’t being personal or connecting us to who she is, its more about the art & displaying its beauty. Job well done.

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brandonw • February 8, 2015

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