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[EP] Mic Audio & X the Detective “The X Filez 2”


X the Detective has become one of Detroit’s (now residing in GA) most promising producers. His retro, organic, boom bapish and always hard hitting beats have made fans all around the globe. After releasing the “X Filez” EP in 2011 this is the second collaborative effort of Mic Audio (Stereo Boyz) and X the Detective.

X the Detective has also lend his production for the new Stereo Boyz album, and is working on several different projects at the moment with Ant Live, June Mega from the Wu Wise Men album and more. Remember the name because X the Detective’s beats are and will remain timeless.

Mic Audio’s group Stereo Boyz is currently emerging on their second Europe Tour and are preparing for the release of their first official album “Carz, Clubz and Theaterz” (out May 07th).


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brandonw • April 23, 2013

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