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[EP] MC FÜBB “the poet EP”

Toronto hip hop artist MC FÜBB began writing poetry at the age of nine, years before he ever
picked up the microphone. His latest release, the poet EP, is a thematic return to his roots as a
poet. Throughout the album, FÜBB struggles to reconcile himself as both a poet and a rapper, painting verbal images and evoking strong emotions while staying true to himself as a hip hop emcee. the poet is an honest look into the psyche of a hip hop artist and more fundamentally a human being as he tries to find his way in the world.

the poet EP is the third official solo non-mixtape album released by Toronto hip hop artist MC FÜBB since 2009. The EP features production by Junia-T, Fresh Kils, MMAC, Justunlimited, Noyz, Bix, and NTG and has guest artist appearances by Wordsworth, Relic, Mike Devine, J Shiltz, Bad Newz, DJ Docta, and DJ Uncle Fester.

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brandonw • November 19, 2012

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