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[ EP ] JKJ “Self Inflicted EP”


 JKJ, drops his first collection of songs as a R.A.R.E. Nation artist.  Self Inflicted is 6 tracks of uncensored emotion.  Capturing anger, stress, remorse, motivation and hope, JKJ delivers powerful music all showcasing his undeniable hip hop prowess.  The EP features label-mate Palermo Stone as well as Pittsburgh up-and-comer Charlie Slum.

JKJ is an artist whose message is focused on social commentary, intelligent discussion, and his own life experiences, with a versatility that allows him to execute effectively over anything from dark, soulful samples to powerful, guitar-driven rock influences. Boasting an impressive musical catalog wonderfully interactive live show, strong chemistry with Palermo and veteran leadership as an artist, JKJ is a natural fit for the R.A.R.E. label. His R.A.R.E. Nation debut, a collaborative mixtape with Palermo Stone titled “Hey Young World 3,” is set for release in Fall 2013.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/YallKnowTheName
Twitter: @JkJ412

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brandonw • October 10, 2013

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