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[ EP ] CeasRock “Zero Gravity”

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Montreal rapper CeasRock presents Zero Gravity, his new EP featuring Uness, Loe Pesci, I.Blast and Boy 6lue as well as production from 514IndoRecords, Vincent Pryce and DeeJay IZ. Born Sam Karimi, Ceas is a spokesman for Montreal urban site Mook-Life.com, as well as founder of his own movement, REAL LIFE. Ceas believes that every single object, person, place or theme can be rapped about in an interesting way. “It’s all about the context” he says. Ceas has done R&B-flavored collaborations with the Uness and Crime In The City collective (click to listen) as well as live interpretations of soulful cuts on his Coolest Cats tape (click to listen). Videos have already been released for “10.5” (click to watch), “Mook Life Pt. 1” (click to watch) and “M.O.E.” (click to watch). “Zero Gravity represents the continuous ascension process that I go through as an artist,” says Ceas. “Beyond the music, 0G represents ‘no limitations’;  gravity is the one thing 99% of us believe we can’t defy, but with this project i wanted to show people that impossible is a matter of perception. Anything can seem impossible until we see someone do it.” 



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brandonw • November 8, 2013

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