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[EP] AR|Malone “The Influence”

The Influence EP

Organik Soul Records

The world and society influence us in many ways, sometimes in ways we least expect them to. “The Influence” is about the many experiences people can face in life specifically strengths, weakness, triumph, struggle, love, and temptation…

AR|Malone takes you on a journey as he tells a portion of his story and expresses how those influences have molded his view and perception of his life as well as life in general. “Drawing from the negative in my life, reforming and regenerating that energy into a positive work is what The Influence embodies.”

“This work is dedicated to God, my family, my daughter Aliyah Kiona, my supporters around the world, as well as those who do not support my music which are the catalyst that keeps me working harder to bring you into my realm and “The Influence” there of.”


released 22 October 2013
All songs written by AR|Malone
All songs mixed and mastered by Swirv
Executive produced by AR|Malone and Swirv

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sarac • February 13, 2014

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