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EarthGang “Friday” (F Bomb Remix) ft. OG Maco (Prod by Antwanette McLaughlin)

Check the new visual from for Friday EarthGang featuring OG Maco with production from Antwanette McLaughlin. Really no reason why I am just now blogging about EarthGang considering I’m aware they’ve been on the grind for a while through the Fab 5 Team. So to the lovers of brainofbmw.com my bad, I’ve been depriving you of the dopeness that is EarthGang. This video & song are both solid individually & together. It’s hard to really find something to compare their style to, so ¬†beyond telling you it’s fun, aggressive & a little out there at the same time. The production on Friday is crazy, this looping sample (the “Ohhhhhh Ohhhhh“) is crazy & adds something special to the song. I like the guest verse from OG Maco, sounds like he actually tried to fit the song & make it better instead of just tossing in some throw away bars. Overall this song is amazing, something I plan on listening to on a more regular basis.

Purchase “Torba” the EP from EarthGang via iTunes today!
Twitter: @EarthGang
Website: earthgang.net

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brandonw • June 23, 2015

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