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Cory Eaux “Swank God” (Prod by I.N.F.O.)

Swank God” is a jam that is old to some new to others. I’m pretty sure I caught Cory performing this jam not to long ago. Anyway blame him for me not posting it just because I don’t feel like accepting the blame. I.N.F.O.’s production style blends so damn well with Cory’s tone and delivery, not sure if this is in the works but a Cory Eaux X I.N.F.O. EP would be a solid move. I like the confidence and borderline braggadocio┬áhe exudes throughout the song. Well worth repeated listens and enough to keep me interested in that “SlumKindaWonderful” project that is coming

Twitter: @EauxReally_JSP
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/justucestreetpoets

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brandonw • May 24, 2016

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