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COMPNY “Begging Me To Come Back”

I’m weird & I’m also a serious multi-tasker so usually the first time I check out a video I’m not even watching it. Well to be more clear if I have never heard the song before then I don’t watch the video first. I just like to see how the track makes me feel without the influence of how good the visual is or how hot the video vixen might be or anything like that. So I’ve listened to this song about 4 times now without watching more than 10 seconds of the actual video. There is something to be said about simplicity, actualy there is a ton to be said about it good or bad but in this case….. I enjoy the simplcity of this video. Much like another music video I saw from Jus Smith for his song “No Hesitation” this video from COMPNY is very smooth & simplsitc its more about the music & the vibe. While it doesn’t necessarily ENHANCE the song it does well not to take a damn thing away from it either. The video just allows you the chance to zone out & enjoy the music because of course that’s more important…. Don’t get me wrong lets not start a trend of very basic one shot videos I need a good dose of booty shaking club scenes & scorn lover minimovies to balance things out so keep those coming PLEASE! For now though zone out with me… press play & enjoy “Begging Me To Come Back”

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"Begging Me To Come Back"COMPNYVideo

brandonw • September 6, 2014

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