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Laura Michelle Video Brainofbmw

Laura Michelle “Old News”

New Orleans-bred singer/songwriter Laura Michelle just released the video for the smooth song “Old News“. In the visual, Laura Michelle is joined by the first male winner of America’s Next Top Model, Keith Carlos, who co-stars as Laura’s love interest. “Old News” is the first single from Laura Michelle’s upcoming self-titled debut album. Purchase “Old…

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Poll Brainofbmw

Poll: Who Won Shotgun Suge or The Saga?

On March 28th URL (Ultimate Rap League) held their first event of the year “Rookies vs Vets” . The event featured some of URL’s top new recruits versus some of URL’s established veterans. The first release from the card features Shotgun Suge (Veteran) vs Th3 Saga (Rookie). Twitter: @Urltv @Th3Saga, @Shotgunsuge103 YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/theUrltv Website: www.urltv.tv

Grace Griffin Brainofbmw Music Video

Grace Griffin “FYS”

“FYS” (F*ck Your Sh*T) is the recently released song/video from up & coming artist Grace Griffin. I hear this & I think about that Eamon song “F*ck What I Said” I think it was called? Anyway Grace shows off some impressive vocals throughout, not a huge fan of the attempts at rapping but I’m here…

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MSU No Type Remix Video Brainofbmw

Spencer Taylor “MSU Green & White” (Rae Sremmurd No Type Remix)

Some MSU fans remixed the popular song “No Type” by Rae Sremmurd. Check out Spencer Taylor’s “Green & White“… Did I catch a shot at WVU & couch burning in there somewhere??? Makes me love this even more (Hail TO Pitt!) Twitter: @film_dispencer

All Def Poetry Brainofbmw Videos

Jaz Sufi “For the Nice Guy”

Check out “For the Nice Guy” a dope spoken word peice from Jaz Sufi. FB: www.facebook.com/ThisIsJazSufi Tumblr: calamityjaz.tumblr.com

All Def Poetry Brainofbmw Videos

(Spoken Word) Alyesha Wise “This Time”

I’ve been a fan of Def Poetry since I was a kid, I’m glad to find out that is it back in web form! I’ll be bringing every single video from All Def Digital and any other dope Spoken Word videos I find! Right out the gate we have “This Time” by Alyesha Wise, check…

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chief waKiL Brainofbmw Music

chief waKiL “Ambidextrous”

“Ambidextrous” is the latest visual offering from chief waKiL with assistance from that talentedJinjoo TheGuitarGirL. This song is on point, chief waKiL offers some very much needed lyrical content to the current climate. The produciton is crisp & the overall sound has me pressing replay instead of skip. Twitter: @chiefwakil @jinjoomusic @AllDefDigital

Ariano Jade River Brainofbmw Music

Ariano & Jade River “Fame”

Ariano & Jade River present the visual for “Fame“… interesting track where they take shots at all things that seem to be popular in mainstream music. Lyrics are solid the beat isn’t bad either. I would suggest checking out their collaborative EP “Ink In My Eyes“. The EP consists of Jade River’s production, bass heavy…

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josh jacobs brainofbmw music

Josh Jacobs “Real Woman/Rough Sex”

Josh Jacobs recently released the visual for two tracks “Real Woman/Rough Sex“.  Both tracks were featured on his recently released album “Before and After: The Re-Up“. The new video comes to us as Josh Jacobs prepares for his upcoming effort #WhoIsJoshJacobs?, which will arrive this summer. I really like this “Real Woman” song the beat the hook even Josh’s…

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Neko brainofbmw Music Video

NeKo ft Handsomebeast “Battlecry” (prod by Trakksounds)

NeKo recently released the song & visual for “Battlecry” featuring Handsomebeast with production from TrakkSounds. The lyrics & the imagery are so powerful. I love this track. Twitter: @281NeKo, @handsombeasttx, @Trakksounds

Trai D Brainofbmw Music

Trai D “Girls Light Up”

I usually don’t go out of my way when I get a trash submission. Not trash in terms of the music being wack but trash in terms of the information provided. Some folks charge an arm & a leg to send out e-mail blasts & don’t do a good job of it. In this case…

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