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“10 Music Rehearsal Tips” by Jeannie Deva

I think this well written piece by Jeannie Deva a vocal coach will be a great help to you up & coming artists out there. Jeannie Deva is a celebrity voice and performance coach, recording studio vocal specialist and member of the Grammys. Endorsed by engineers and producers of Aerosmith, Elton John and the Rolling Stones, she is…

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convulsic Love space brainofbmw music

Convulsic “Love Space”

In a more serious effort to continue to bring you guys new artists, from every genre & medium from all over the globe I have to go find the talent. I realized after doing this for so many years that even though I get an overwhelming amount of submissions from hungry artists that some just…

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Dan Wilson Songwriter Brainofbmw Blog

“5 Things I’ve Learned About Songwriting” by Dan Wilson

I’m cleaning out my email & I came across this very insightful blog from song writer Dan Wilson. Check out “5 Things I’ve Learned About Songwriting”. Before you read this know that Dan Wilson wrote Adele’s Someone Like You” and Co-wrote the song “Not Ready to Make Nice”, the 2007 Grammy Award for Song of…

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Olivia Louise Brainofbmw Cocaine Music

Olivia Louise “Cocaine” (prod by Wayne Benson)

The other day I got a struggle email from this singer/songwriter. I won’t dwell on why the email itself was trash but for whatever reason I got the email twice & I’m going through trying to find BS to delete & I see two emails from Olivia Louise. SO I check them out and the…

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Nicki Minaj XXL Picture Brainofbmw Blog

“Nicki Minaj Lost Her Mind”

I’m driving to work the other day and I hear that Nicki Minaj was upset that she wasn’t allowed to speak with students at her former High School. “I wanted to go back to my HS and speak to students but the new principal declined,” she tweeted to her 18 million followers. “No need to…

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Brainofbmw Im Here For That Graphic

“I’m Here for That” by BMW

Just wanted to let you know a few things that “I’m here for” in one way or another… Mull this over.. Riley Cooper said ON VIDEO while drunk “I’ll fight every N*GGER here bro” and he is still in the league just got a contract extension too….. But Ray Rice can’t even play as himself on…

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FTR Maax Brainofbmw Music Video

FTR Maax Ft Teflon “No Make Up”

So I love when an artist’s videos on their Youtube Channel are all linked in a playlist! I just posted FTR Drama’s “ Famous(INTRO) ” & as I’m checking it out & posting it another video plays then another & it reminded me that FTR has a really dope R&B artist Maax. So I’m “doing…

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Swoozy & Rodge Brainofbmw Music

Swoozy & Rodge “Insecure”

For about 2-3 years I have been a huge fan of these two….and I’m glad to say Swoozy & Rodge are back! Check out “Insecure” a very real very dope song that features alot of R&B type vocals from Rodge…. This group really has no ceiling… I’ve heard them make Pop songs, Hip Hop jams,…

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Git Beats Aris Ghosty Brainofbmw

[ UnHeard ] Git Beats X Aris ft Ghosty “Underground”

I’m biased, I love the Lakers, University of Pittsburgh Panthers, Penguins, Pirates & Steelers I’m a homer through & through, & I really enjoy it when artists from my hometown release dope music. I’m pretty sure Git Beats is from NY but he has done some amazing work with Pgh artists specifically Hubbs … BUT…

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Khaos Brainofbmw

[ UnHeard ] Khaos “Wasting Time” (Prod by Don P)

I was just sliding through submissions & listening to something….nothing important & “Wasting Time” from Khaos popped up as a “Recommended Tracks“. I really enjoy his delivery, especially the second verse… Twitter: @VaticKhaos

RDGLDGRN Brainofbmw Music

[ UnHeard ] RDGLDGRN “Turn”

A friend of mine told me a few years ago about a hip hop band from the DMV area. The band she put me on to was Urban Cartel, they are now one of my favorite bands & I PROMISE you they will be yours too! Years later just the other day she tweeted me…

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kai exos brainofbmw Music

[ UnHeard ] Kai Exos “Vigilante”

I will maintain that Soundcloud is the best thing that happened to music since the internet. This song “Vigilante” by Kai Exos is the prime example of that. Earlier today I posted “Oh Lawwd!” by Emeka Ibe & this gem was the “Recommended” song. Caught me completely off guard & I’ve been impressed ever since….

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