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C.H.R.I.S. ft B.White & Hubbs “Only Me”

Whoever the producer Brix is…”You the real MVP”. This beat is so fire man…. Had to make sure I acknowledge how dope it was before I went on & on about these verses…..I’ve listened to this literally 13 times in a row …This is the type of music we need more of. It shows that even if you are more of a “street” rapper like B is you can still go hard spitting reality rap & hang with very lyrical dudes like Hubbs & C.H.R.I.S. So, fire beat, 3 fire verses with each featured artist killing the song BUT also remaining true to who they are… This is a win for me & if THIS is any inditication of things to come the future is mighty bright…. But the question you are all asking is whether or not I would buy this? YES, I also would not be upset if it some how landed in my email for free either haha… Listen below & leave comments let me & them know what you all think.

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brandonw • October 7, 2014

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