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Bwhite All Star Weekend Video Brainofbmw

BWhite “All Star Weekend” Ft Dotto, Hubbs, Joey Fattz, Palermo Stone, Primavera Vills

I’ve been sleep, this woke me up…. Bwhite, Dotto, Hubbs, Joey Fattz, Palermo Stone, and Primavera Vills….. wow…. I have a few thoughts on this…. like #1 Hubbs is so dope he makes you not want to hear other people rap after him….. & I rock with Joey Fatz & Vills & the others…. but after I heard Hubbs verse I was done… I just closed the window like the song had ended, then I text my partner Sara to see if she heard it & she started talking about Fatz & Vills & Palermo & I’m like “DAMN THERE WAS MORE ???” This isn’t to say that the other featured were trash by any means but yea… Hubbs went in… I’m not even going to rank verses best to worst just know that everyone said something on here that stuck with me. I was reminded not only that Hubbs is still dope but that B White is extremely dope as well. I love posse cuts this will be in heavy rotation for a while….. to everyone NOT on this song… Step your bars up! Visuals are on point as well Ben Fredette continues to be a visonary behind the lens for sure…. I’m wondering what else BWhite has in the tuck…..

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"All Start Weekend"BWhiteDottoHubbsJoey FattzPalermo StonePrimavera Vills

brandonw • September 2, 2014

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