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Brain Food: “Harriet Tubman Will Be on US Currency, Oh Yay” by BMW

The news just broke that the legendary freedom fighter Harriet Tubman will be immortalized on the $20 bill per CNN.  I don’t want to take anything away from the Tubman family for them this is a great accomplishment and I’m glad that it is taking place. I just feel I need to share my views on this. O

While some might see this as huge and as a tremendous victory for women and people of color I do not. Why? Because there are still slave owners and oppressors on the other bills.  Washington, Jefferson, Jackson(being replaced by Harriet but still he was on the $20 since 1928), Grant all owned slaves, THE JIG IS SKY HIGH! The US Treasury also announced that they will keep Alexander Hamilton as the face of the $10 bill but “a montage of leaders from the women’s suffrage movement will be added to the back“.  Why are these ladies on the back? (threw on my feminist hat real quick) Why can’t we just have them all on the front? While we are at it can we make sure that woman can make that same $10 for every $10 a man makes? Just my personal opinion but this is one small step forward in a huge marathon that women and people of color have been losing for centuries. I find this interesting, but it does nothing to level the playing field.

Is this maybe a sign that Hillary will be our next POTUS? This the Treasury’s way of “softening the blow”? Lets be honest there will be MILLIONS who are not ok with a woman running the country, even though women rule the world (only married men and guys who are always in child support court feel me).

Keep in mind the Tubman Twenties don’t have a set date for circulation and the newly designed $10 will be out in 2020. But to be honest how many more years will there be physical money? 10? 20? I venture to guess that possibly in the next 30 years at most there is little to no physical money being exchanged, it’ll be predominately  electronic transactions. I believe the rise of bitcoin is possibly spending this up. Check the details below let me know what you think.

One final question why do their have to be faces on the money anyway?

The announcement is expected to come later Wednesday from Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, who will also reveal that a montage of leaders from the women’s suffrage movement will be added to the back of the $10. A Treasury official confirmed to CNN that Tubman’s portrait will appear on the $20.

The redesigned $10 bill is expected to enter circulation by 2020, though it’s unclear what the $20’s time frame is.

The women pictured on the back of the $10 will be the first to appear on U.S. paper currency in more than 100 years.

The matter has been at the center of intense debate for some time. Lew first told America in June 2015 that he would feature a woman on a new version of the $10 bill alongside Hamilton.

Lew promised to spend time collecting public opinion, and it turned out that Americans had plenty to say about the matter. The question of which woman should receive this particular honor was hardly the only point of contention.

On its face this is a very good thing. But below the surface it doesn’t help a thing. I’ve already seen meme’s of folks making it rain with Tubman Twenties. Is that what we need more of or would a level playing field be best? Does this small “W” wipe out years of injustice? No! Will it bring about reparations? Hell no! It doesn’t help us get any closer to closing the wealth, wage or education gap either. There are huge issues that plaque American society every single day. Go ahead my people celebrate this small win but as Beyonce instructed us all to do Super Bowl Sunday get in formation… We have a huge uphill battle on our hands.

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brandonw • April 20, 2016

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