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Ladies' Man

[Book Review] “Ladies’ Man” by BMW

Ladies' Man

Ladies’ Man 

From car wrecks to run-ins with the FBI the forthcoming novel Ladies’ Man by Frederick Germaine is an intense roller coaster ride through the young adult life of Damien Hardy. An African-American baseball star Hardy is set to graduate high school and attend his dream school THE University of Southern California with a full scholarship in his back pocket. However through some extremely shocking events his choice of school and his entire life are changed forever.

I initially believed this book was similar to an offering I had read before from famed author Omar Tyree a mixture of A Do Right Man, Just Say No, & even a little hint of For the Love of Money. I will be the first to firmly confess I was DEAD wrong. My initial belief was an assumption made by many a reader of the “UrbanFiction” genre. But as I progressed through the book I quickly realized Mr. Germaine was in a lane all his own. The first curveball was Damien is a baseball star who is sound academically and happens to be in a committed relationship with an older woman. In most black love novels the athlete is a “player” who is as it was once put “Knockin’ em down like Wilt Chamberlin”. Also Damien is smart, focused, driven and as you will find out the ultimate hustler. One of the more interesting things about the book is how it moves through about a 15 year span and Germaine makes note of the changes including the evolution of text messaging and the influence of Tupac’s music. As the book progresses and you meet the other influential characters such as Damien’s grandmother who raised him and his college roommateMookie who schooled him on what building a “starting five” was all about. The story is one that most can find a character to relate to whether it’s a successful business woman such as Nicole Jones or Damien’s high school coach, Coach Frazier. None of the characters are painted as unrealistic or too over the top most of them can be found in any clique of friends. Not to say that they are boring in the least especially not the feisty designer boot loving Tameka or the unforgettable cousin and hair dresser Raphael.

Ladies’ Man is the essence of a page turner (or screen scroller for you Nook & E-Reader fans) because Germaine lures you in and then, before you know it your 19 chapters deep! At that point you are locked in all the way to the jaw dropping ending. All I can say is on 4/29/11 go buy Ladies’ Man. I give it a full brain because it stimulates every part! You will feel inspired enough to be creative, angry enough to fight, sad enough to cry and happy enough to dance!

In addition to being part of a select few who were given the chance to read the book before its release we also caught up with the author for an interview.

What do you do for fun?
I like to read, write, and stay healthy by working out. I also like to travel offshore whenever I get a chance.

When did you first decide that being an author was your path?
I’ve always enjoyed writing since I was a kid. Until the last few years, I just wrote for leisure. Then I decided to pen my first novel and turn my hobby into a business.

What influences you to write? Where do you draw your passion and/or inspiration from?
I enjoy writing and reading more than almost anything. So I guess that alone inspires me to continue to write. It’s a challenge for me to think of a concept for a novel and put the pieces together that makes it interesting for the reader.
My main passion for writing comes from my favorite author who is Michael Baisden. I’ve read all his books and constantly listen to his radio show. He’s always pushing for people to step out and achieve their goals and aspirations. I love being a true entrepreneur and dictating my own future.

Have you ever considered giving up on writing altogether at one point in the past, or has there always been a driving force behind your creativity? Can you elaborate?
Honestly, when I first starting writing Ladies’ Man I had major writer’s block in the beginning. I was trying to make everything so “perfect” within the novel it was driving me crazy. I thought about giving up but eventually came to my senses. I took it slowly and eventually the writing was flowing off the pages. I guess since I was penning my first novel I was trying too hard to please myself and others too. After I got my first novel under my belt, it seems pretty easy now.

You are one of many “Urban Fiction” authors what do you think sets you apart from them?
I’m in it for the long haul. Basically, I’m not going anywhere. If I fail then I reassess what went wrong and make the next project a success. Some authors are in it for the glam and glitz or think that it’s just trendy to write a book. After one or two failed projects they eventually fall off the map.
I believe my novels have substance, dialogue, and creativity that capture the reader’s attention from beginning to end. Not every author can stand by that claim alone.
My novel Ladies’ Man also has a message and meaning but you may have to read in between the lines to get the point. I make that a challenge to my readers.

Would you consider yourself to be a Ladies Man?
No, I don’t consider myself to be a “ladies’ man.” A few of my close friends (who read the book) asked me was I “Damien Hardy” in the book. Damien is the main character and is considered to be a ladies’ man. But there are no similarities between me and him.

Some say for a writer after publishing a book or two the next progressive step besides a best seller is having your book turned into a film. Is this something you see as an option?
Definitely! I’m actually in the process of attempting to secure a deal to platform Ladies’ Man into a play or movie. For a play or movie the audience can get a true visual of the characters as portrayed in various scenes. It’s a long development but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Why do you think Ladies Man would be an interesting film?
Well the book centers on love and romance. In my opinion, most of us have been in love or are seeking love. Thus, the storyline relates to a lot of people. Also, I think people would love to see the characters in the book come to real life in a film.

Is Ladies Man a total work of fiction or was some of it taken from your own personal experiences?
Yes, it is a work of fiction. I did take some points of interest from people I know and incorporated them into the characters. This brings a sense of realism to the novel.

For instance, one of my friends loves to wear Jimmy Choo designer heels. She always sports the latest ones and is always talking about going to the mall and getting another hot pair. I guess she is somewhat obsessed with the designer. So in the novel, I had one of the main characters always wearing and talking about the shoes.

What can we expect from this book?
You can expect depth, vibrant energy, and a definite page turner. There are multiple issues going on with some of the characters so I keep you guessing what’s going to happen next.

Will there be a sequel to Ladies Man?
For now, I would say no. When I first wrote the book, I wanted it to be a classic. In my opinion, classics don’t have sequels.
I’ve let a few people read the advance copy and now just about all of them are asking for a sequel. I guess only time will tell.

What is the next move for Mr. F. Germaine?
My next novel is called Eye Candy and its set to be release in February 2012. It’s going to be another hot love and romance novel.

I don’t want to be a one-dimensional author because I feel there is no longevity in that. I want to eventually move towards pushing all my novels into play or movies, and getting into directing and acting.
I like to educate up and coming authors about publishing and how to always retain your publishing rights. I’d even like to start a major publishing company. I would have authors market and sell their books through my company. I see this as a way to give back to people trying to get in the business of book publishing. There are a lot of creative and talented writers who sometimes don’t have the resources to publish their own works.

What advice can you give to aspiring author?
If you truly want to be an author then never give up! Yes, you’re going to run into a few roadblocks and obstacles but that’s always the process in anything you try to accomplish in life. Learn to take criticism as constructive and continue to develop your skill. But the biggest advice I’d give to any aspiring author is to first learn the business of publishing.

When it’s all said and done what do you want to be the thing you are remembered for most?
I just want to be known as writing “enjoyable” novels. I put so much energy into creating a novel; it’s really satisfying when someone tells me they enjoyed a body of work I created. That intangible feeling can’t be duplicated even with all the awards, accolades, or monetary gain.

I strongly suggest purchasing “Ladies’ Man” by Fredrick Germaine http://www.amazon.com/Ladies-Man-Frederick-Germaine/dp/0578078430

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