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Ben Worsley Brainofbmw Music

Ben Worsley “Summer Feelin”

Ben Worsley Brainofbmw Music

Soundcloud has done it again! I can’t recall what song I was listening to but when it was over (and I’m glad it was) this dope track came on! It’s titled “Summer Feelin” by Ben Worsley the song is tagged as #House so I’ll run with that. Ben is listed as being from the UK & if you have been checking the site recently I’ve gotten some really dope music from UK artists. The title makes sense because the track exudes that summer vibe, it makes me just want to hit a pool party dance & drink. Listen for yourself, I tried to download it but it failed, not sure if Soundcloud is having issues again or what the deal is but Ben if/when you read this feel free to hit me with that mp3.

Twitter: @_Ben_Worsley
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/ben-worsley-1

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brandonw • September 28, 2014

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