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Ave. Amen “8 Bit Ghost” (prod by Johnny Juliano)

8 Bit Ghost” is a Halloween 2014 exclusive release from Ave. Amen. Produced by Johnny Juliano , “8 Bit Ghost” has a eerie melody that is reminiscent of a old Mario Bros. hunted house, along with the signature JJ bass . Ave. Amen uses this canvas to take shots at the idea of “major label” superiority , and artists who act hollywood. “8 Bit Ghost” is not featured on the upcoming “Directions 2 NoWhere” EP but is available for download via soundcloud.

Site: www.aveamen.com
Music: www.soundcloud.com/AveAmen
Twitter: @Ave_Amen
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AveAmen501
YouTube: www.youtube.com/grind2thegrave

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brandonw • November 3, 2014

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