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Ang P – “This Is Life” prod. Smoke M2D6 | @AngTheFuture @SmokeM2D6


Ang P returns with the third single off of his most recent album “L.I.F.E.: Living In Fear Everyday”.
Ang P’s most recent album “L.I.F.E.” is full of amazing work, but since it’s release one of the most talked about tracks by far is, “This Is Life”.  The Smoke M2D6 produced track features Ang P showing off his rap skills in a major way.  In a total departure from the various rhyme schemes used throughout the project Ang P delivers a double0time flow that rides the beat to perfection.  Mixed with Ang’s always thoughtful lyrics and subject matter, “This Is Life” is the perfect mix of style and substance.




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Evan B • September 2, 2016

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