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Amir Clemons: Foster Child, Singer, Rising Star and “Anywhere But Here”

Amir Clemons is bucking the odds every single day.  Not many people can go through the struggles he has faced and come out with the optimism and drive that Amir possesses.

At a young age Amir lost father while at the same time his mother was unfit to take care of him due to her own battle with drugs and alcoholism.  Being the next to youngest of 8 children it was next to impossible to keep the family together with no parental figure in the picture.  This led to Amir being placed into Pittsburgh’s foster care system.

While in foster care Amir was starting to find his voice musically which at the time resembled more screaming than singing.  This would result in the other kids making fun of Amir and calling him such names as Amirdo The Weirdo.  For most kids this would probably make the withdraw and become more shy, but not Amir.  His love for music would overcome anything that would be thrown his way.

Most of his young life was spent in the Homewood section of Pittsburgh which isn’t known to be a very sound place for a kid to grow up.  A move to Fox Chapel which is a more upscale neighborhood would ultimately prove to be a bit of a culture shock for Amir and would find him getting into trouble which would lead to Amir sitting in a juvenile detention facility.

While in juvie Amir decided to really hone his singing and writing abilities while also excelling in studies.  Amir would eventually graduate with honors and earn the Herman W. Barcus Scholarship worth $20,000.

Since leaving the juvenile correction system Amir has been focused solely on music and his efforts have been fruitful.  He has released 3 projects and performed all over his region opening for such notable acts as Kirko Bangz, Snootie Wild and Fat Trel.  His most recent release, “Anywhere But Here” showcases both Amir’s songwriting and singing abilities while giving us an intimate look into Mr.  Clemons’ personal life.

Amir Clemons is living proof that no matter what your circumstances are in life, if you’re dedicated and determined you can find a way to see your dreams come true.  After “Anywhere But Here” who knows what’s next for Amir, but if his past is any indication he will be successful in whatever endeavors he pursues.


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Evan B • February 2, 2017

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