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[Album] V3RB “Standing Ovation”

“With this debut album “Standing Ovation” , I wanna make it clear that i’m motivated and ready to take the world by storm. The album which is produced solely by 83 Sound is a huge step inside my mind, showcasing not only my ability as a lyricist but also my ability to craft diverse material. Piggy backing off the success of the “Tiger” video as well as my recently released track “Spoken”, I hope this project will be the proper introduction needed to launch my career.

Being from California, I meet aspiring rappers and producers daily. Everyone has this dream of being famous and wanting to be the most talked about. I honestly never cared about the glamour of it all, I just wanna create music that people can vibe with and not just listen to once and push to the side. It’s a lot of rappers out there and If your making quality music then of course all the perks and notoriety will come. If it happens lovely but if it doesn’t, I still wanna feel like I did myself justice in putting out quality material. With production and assistance from producers Max Mostley, Kayohes, Oc Beats, and Microphono, I know that from a beat stand point, the ground is more than laid for me to get busy. Ive also been blessed with features from very talented artist such as my fellow BTG mate Alex Chadwick, Slim Kid3 of the legendary hip-hop group Pharcyde, and fellow California natives Slam and J-Flexx. This album has had its fair share of ups and downs and Im just glad to say its finally here. We put in a lot of work in making sure we come across correct. I hope “Standing Ovation” conveys that!”

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brandonw • November 20, 2012

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