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The Gruesum-2-Sum Album Brainofbmw Music

[ Album ] The Gruesum-2-Sum “Re​-​Introducing The Gruesum​-​2​-​Sum”

The Gruesum-2-Sum Album Brainofbmw Music
Substance abuse, Infidelity, STDs, Child Support Court…
Re-Introducing The Gruseum-2-Sum. Columbus, Ohio natives
Phizz Ed & Doc Giggz let their alter egos Pork Chop Cobblepot & Bla-C-Kay loose to wreak sonic havoc on the unsuspecting Hip Hop masses. Armed with heavy bass lines, booming kick drums and finely chopped samples of everything from Soul to Salsa (provided by Lord Hakim, Doc Giggz, and their production team The LGz (pronounced EL-Geez)), The Gruseum-2-Sum go hard and personal.

When asked about the motivation behind some of the topics addressed on the album Phizz Ed explained, “We wanted to make an album where we talked about everyday things that people go through that they might not necessarily speak openly
about, but are definitely dealing with in some form or fashion.”. Doc Giggz reinforced his partner in crime by adding “This is Hip Hop, we spitting flows & telling the disgusting truth, love it or hate it. Don’t sleep though, we hitting you with everything from head bangers to sneak through the back door club bangers, C-O style”. From the clever wordplay & humorous antics of songs like Jungle Bunny Jump, Eat & Run, and Getcha Paper (Remix) to the grimly sobering realities of songs like A Gruesum Love Song (Remix), The Germ (Remix), and Child Support Court (Remix)- Pork Chop & Bla take the listener on a 14 track ride through the dark days and even darker nights of the Gruesum-2-Sum.

Re-Introducing The Gruseum-2-Sum is now available at all major online music retailers including iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play store. The Deluxe version (The retail album plus the instrumental version) is also available now exclusively on bandcamp.com along with Re-Introducing the Gruesum-2-Sum posters, T-Shirts, & free wallpapers. Register for the mailing list now and not only get up to the minute updates on new music & merchandise, but you’ll also receive “Hype Sh!@ 2” (the new unreleased Gruesum-2-Sum track produced by Doc Giggz) & Hype Shit 2 Instrumental 320 kbps MP3s for free.

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Get Re-acquainted with the thing with two heads & two opinions, Pork Chop Cobblepot & Bla-C-Kay, The Gruesum-2-Sum.

LastFM: www.last.fm/music/The+Gruesum-2-Sum/Re-Introducing+the+Gruesum-2-Sum
MTV: www.mtv.com/artists/the-gruesum-2-sum/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/thegruesum2sum
Twiter: @TheGruesum2Sum
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thegruesum2sum

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"Re​-​Introducing The Gruesum​-​2​-​Sum"AlbumHip HopMusicRapThe Gruesum-2-Sum

brandonw • January 29, 2014

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