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Wale Album Review Dub Brainofbmw

Album Review: Wale “The Album About Nothing” by Blade Brown

Wale Album Review Dub Brainofbmw

Artist: Wale
Album: “The Album About Nothing
Review: He promised his fans this was his best work. He promised his fans this was the album for them. He promised this would be the Wale album people have been waiting on. Wale is a man of his word. With 2015 already giving us a handful of great hip-hop albums, Wale helps keep the train moving with the nearly impeccable Album About Nothing.

Time to clock in baby. You ready?” That’s the album’s opening line. A question Wale asks to the costar of the album: Jerry Seinfeld. “Yeah, I was ready last time“, Jerry sharply responds. This of course is a play on the skit at the end of Wale’s last album, “The Gifted“. Things get started with “The Intro About Nothing“. Probably the most soulful sounding song on the album. From there, we go to “The Helium Balloon“. The title is a reference to Wale himself. He is the helium balloon. As he makes music, the fans absorb it and they get lifted by it.

The album is almost in its entirety, supported by Seinfeld. The album is based around conversations that the two have, and then Wale creates a song around certain subjects. “The Glass Egg” is a concept about balancing the most precious things you have. Family, money, women, ect. So the “egg” is already delicate. But add on the pressures from being successful and famous, and it makes it not only more delicate, but a more daunting task to keep safe. The albums second single, “The Matrimony“, details how Wale feels his past relationships have effected him, and his fears on not being marriage material. “The Success” is based on the idea that in reality, success is the enemy. As most people who become successful, change up and abandon their friends and family.

This is Wale’s coming out party. Sure, Ambition was successful and “The Gifted”¬†was one of my favorite albums of 2013. But this album is signature Wale. With very little features (J. Cole, Usher, SZA & Jeremih all provide hooks.) Wale has made the best work of his career. There is no Maybach Music sound effects during any of the songs. That’s not the tone of this album. This album isn’t about the radio. This album isn’t about record sales. This is an album about nothing. And “nothing” has never sounded so good.
Rating: 9/10

Top 5 Songs
The Glass Egg
The Pessimist
The Success
The Intro About Nothing
The White Shoes
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brandonw • March 30, 2015

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