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Album Review: “Free Weezy Album” by Blade Brown

Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: “Free Weezy Album

For me, its been a very long time since we’ve had a quality Lil Wayne album come out. Ever since achieving superstar status with his 2008 album Tha Carter 3, Wayne hasn’t been the same. While still being one of the most popular artist on the planet, there is no denying that he hasn’t made a good full body of work since C3. Even his mixtapes haven’t been up to par. Now after a highly publicized feud with Birdman and Cash Money records, Wayne attempts to get back to his roots with the appropriately titled Free Weezy Album.

The album begins with “Glory”. The first leaked song from the album, which happens to be the best solo song he’s done since “A Milli”. Wayne sounds like artist who flooded the streets with mixtapes a decade ago as he unloads furious bars on the five minute long tune. The next song, “He’s Dead” is another banger. Wayne’s signature flow seems right at home over Kane bass heavy production. “I Feel Good” samples the classic James Brown song of the same name and while its somewhat cheesy, its incredibly catchy. Guaranteed to be a song you play on payday.

Songs like “I’m That Nigga” & “Pull Up” are your typical Lil Wayne anthems. The bars are cool, but the hooks are uninspired. Same can be said for “Post Bail Ballin”. Corey Gunz drops again outshines his mentor (as previously done on 6 Foot, 7 Foot) on the Junior Reid assisted “Murda”. The song is solid until a third verse from Capo throws off the vibe. “Psycho” seems like it could’ve been on one of the I Am Not A Human Being albums. On it, Wayne raps about how he’s obsessed with a certain lady. The concept is good, the finished product is so-so.

While its obvious Wayne is trying to get back to top form, he still stumbles a bit on this project. Wiz Khalifa sounds uncomfortable on “Living Right”. The usually fun loving rapper sounds extremely dark on this song, which isn’t even close to his personality. Jeezy assists Wayne on “White Girl”, and I’m pretty sure from the title, you know what the song is about. Its definitely one of the worst collaborations the two artists have ever done together. Although songs like “Without You”, “London Roads” & “My Heart Races On” are all good album cuts, you expect great when listening to the “The Best Rapper Alive”. Even though you probably can’t find a single soul who still believes that he is anymore. Hell, even Wayne himself probably knows he isn’t.

Good intention, bad presentation. That’s the best way to sum up this project. Its not bad, but a far cry from great. And great is all that Lil Wayne needs to be releasing to the public if he wants to secure his spot in the history books. Because like it or not, Lil Wayne IS a legend. I just hope he starts to act like it again.

Rating- 6/10

Top 5 Songs:
He’s Dead
I Feel Good
Without You
London Roads

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brandonw • July 9, 2015

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