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Album Review: Drake “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late” by Blade Brown

Artist: Drake
Album: “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late
Review: Depending on your position, this is either Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s fourth official album or fourth official mixtape. The reasoning for the confusion is because the surprise release went up for sale on iTunes, instead of the conventional free downloading sites that most mixtapes are placed. Serving as a teaser to his upcoming “Views From The 6” album, Drake is more aggressive than ever before on this release.
After a slow start with “Legend“, the album goes 0-100 with the bouncy track “Energy“. Drake fires back at unknown assailants who have been have yet to give him his just do. “10 Bands” picks right up where “Energy” leaves off, as Drakes rides a smooth, bass heavy Boi-1da beat. The chemistry between these two is undeniable. Its almost as good as the chemistry between Drake and his main go to producer, Noah “40” Shebib. Boi-1da produced 7 songs on this project, and they all are standout, if not the best songs on the record. “Know Yourself“(another Boi-1da track) is easily the catchiest song on the album. The hook is so compelling, it’ll have even the most Anti-Drake person reciting it.
The next three songs, “No Tellin’“, “Madonna” & “6 God” are all solid cuts. But after that, there is a significant drop off from quality records, including the Lil Wayne featured “Used To“. Which isn’t a bad song, but is definitely the weakest collaborations they’ve done. “You & The 6” gets the album back on track. On the song, Drake talks about how his mom and his city has made him into the man he is today. The albums ends on a strong note with “6pm In New York“. On it, Drake unleashes a furious four plus minute verse where he shows of why he’s considered one of the game’s best MCs. You can also hear some not so subtle disses aimed at fellow labelmate Tyga.
If this were a free mixtape, I would probably like this project a lot more. But the music doesn’t live up to the $12.99 price tag it carries. I think had he went the “So Far Gone” route and took the best records from this and sold the EP at retail, it’d be something special. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and we’re stuck with a CD that about midway through overstays its welcome.
Overall, this is still a good entry in the catalog for Drake. While clearly not his best album OR mixtape, its still a decent project that deserves a few spins. Even if its just until “Views From The 6” comes out.
Rating- 6.5/10

Top 5 Songs
Know Yourself
No Tellin’
10 Bands
6pm In New York
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brandonw • March 3, 2015

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