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Magnificent Ruffians Brainofbmw Album

[ Album ] Magnificent Ruffians & Dkoldis “Reality”

Magnificent Ruffians Brainofbmw Album
“Album # 16. This time we decided to colab with our personal friend Dkoldis. He is like a brother to us and we all go way back to the days of Colton High School. Now as grown men in the game, we all have new talents, views and ideas when it comes to music so you can say we were destined to work together one day. But we are all strong willed individuals so honestly this album was pretty hard at times. But fuck it, that’s life right? You don’t pick your family, you just have to learn to love and respect each other no matter what and work threw the hard shit. So there you have it…. Reality! The Realist shit we ever wrote! Word! ”


Facebook: www.facebook.com/magruff909
Myspace: www.myspace.com/magnificentruffians
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/magnificent-ruffians/id297896562
Bandcamp: http://magnificentruffians.bandcamp.com/

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brandonw • January 13, 2014

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