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[ Album ] KAIJI “Peaceful Solitude”

Kaiji Brainofbmw Music

They say in order to have a peaceful life one must go through hell and back. “Peaceful Solitude“ is a description and expression of just that, a conclusion of a journey. Kaiji, the Chicago native, puts the pieces of finding that peace into words in 13 songs you can find on her first full release as solo artist.

Kaiji shows her versatility by rhyming and singing over a variety of different instrumentals. You`ll first find yourself being attached to her fast-pace flow on the track “Chicago (Southside)“, only to see it being switched up by a way more poetic type on the Rashid Hadee produced song Identity. And when we say variety, we mean variety – the album`s sonic soundscape is diverse but it still pretty much vibes in the same framework, creating that imagery for changing moods, changing life-circumstances and an always changing perspective and vision. The album`s soulful single, “Living On A Cloud“ (which features soul-singer Dion) and songs such as “Balance“ and “The Art of Forgiveness“ portray pretty much perfectly Kaiji`s intent to capture the essence of peaceful solitude sonically as much as in words. The strength of this project is the honesty and the effort to not fly below the radar not by the standards set by everybody else but the standards one should set for him/herself.

With all that being said though, this project is built as much to be experienced on a quick drive on the highway, as it is for somebody to just sit back on a quiet night and enjoy some of the more introspective vibes that the music industry these days sometimes fails to prioritize. Whether you’re headed to work, yoga, home, traveling or the club, this is the music for each of those occasions.


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brandonw • June 8, 2014

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